Serious problems with downloading files off the internetand other problems.


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I recently built a new PC, and as you can tell (if you've been seeing my other threads), I've been having quite a few problems. First off, whenever I try to download a file,whether it's AIM, a p2p program, or spyware protection software, it starts installing and then says "file corrupt" and gives me the option to retry, abort, or ignore. None of these work in helping the file download. I've turned off all my firewalls, but no difference.
Another problem is when I'm using the computer the monitor would randomly go into stand by and I cant get it out. I would be forced to shut down the PC, readjust cables, and then it would work again, only to do the same thing later.

AMD 3800 Dual core, nvidia 7900 GT, 2 gigs OCZ Corsair RAM, ASUS SLI nforce 4 mobo, soundblaster audigy sound card, WD 320 gigs SATA hard drive, 550 Watts power supply, combo drive and a floppy.

Please, CF, help me!


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Well the second problem seems to be that your graphics card is shutting down, after an error or something, causing the monitor to switch off also. The having to reboot would then start it up again as normal.

The first problem seems to be more of a problem with your service provider, or possibly your Modem/Broadband card/connection.

Both problems I'm afriad though, I don't really have any suggestions for :(
The first one could be a faulty card, or overheating.

Try reseating both your broadband/modem card, and graphics card.