"send photos via email" wizard no longer comes up

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Windows XP help needed - - -
Anyone had this problem before? For some reason, the wizard that used to pop up and prompt me to resize my photos to smaller jpegs before launching Outlook to email them has stopped working. Now, when I click on a photo to email it, Outlook simply opens and the 1MB photo is an attachment - - no more helpful wizard to shrink my photo file into a manageable email attachment.

Anyone know why this may have stopped working, and how to re-enable the wizard? Help.....

Have you tried the help button or tried F.A.Q.S.? Just a thought.
Try both Outlook and XP Pro. Let us know.
Tried both (FAQs and Help) and struck out. Nothing to explain it.... even went to MS site to look through KnowledgeBase on the topic of photos... help?
Hi Xplover,

I dont know if you resolved your problem, but i had the same one. I found out if you type the following it will fix it.

Click on start, run and type in the box
then press enter

note the space between ....32 and sh......

Hope this is not too late.
Good Luck
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