Send me your benchmarks!


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Sorry to sorta double post, but I decided I DID want to make this site so I wanted to be sure everyone reads this.

Basically, I want to make a simple site that compares all computers. I figure that Pi test should be one of the most accurate ways to test the CPU's raw power. Maybe as a division we could also have a GPU version using some version of 3DMark.

So here's the plan, at least for the CPU portion. Give me the Pi benchmark for your computer(s) for Pie to the 1M. I'm looking for all computers. Bascially anything that can run that program is fair game!

Rather than distiguishing between RAM types, chipsets, and all, I'll probably just take averages for alike processors.


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i got a 1m48s time on my p4 1.6ghz im not sure if anything else matters or not but i have 256mb DDR ram running at pc2100 also, not that its probly impotant, i was able to get a 1m18s time with my fsb turned up to 140 which was a oc to 2.2ghz and i think this test a alittle ram reliant also cuz as i messed with my timings my time changed