Selling Used Computer: What Do I Need to Do Before Sending?


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hey everyone,

i am selling my less than 3-month old lenovo laptop computer on e-bay and i was wondering if there was a way to clear the hard drive without deleting the windows 7 operating system? since it's not a very old machine, i don't have much data acquired on it but i'd like to at least wipe it before i sell it and send it off.

what can i do to ensure that everything on the computer is permanently deleted without having to completely wipe the drive of the operating sysem? windows 7 was pre-installed so i don't have the registration key to reactivate my license.

any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


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You could try to remove everything as best you can, and then use a program like CCleaner to do a "free space wipe" - but for the most security, it's probably a good idea to wipe the drive with a low level formatter (Derek's Boot & Nuke, or GWSCAN come to mind) if you're really paranoid.

CCleaner is here: CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download


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Less than 3 month old? With Windows pre-installed? You should have got a recovery disc with the machine and there should also be a key sticker for Windows 7 on the computer case. Maybe I am a bit behind the times.


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Get a new restore CD from Microsoft. How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs, and replace product manuals or you can download it here. Personally, I'd get the new CD, since the buyer will probably need it at some point as well.

The registration key will be on the bottom of the computer somewhere. It's illegal to sell it without one.

EDIT: You could also borrow the disc from someone, but you need to be sure it matches your license key.


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I wouldn't be to concerned i would just create a new admin account log in as the new account , go to control panel -system- advanced system settings under user profile tab select settings and delete all user profiles apart from the new one you have just created , be sure to check C:/ to be sure you have no data stored,
unless you have been Goggling for little kids i wouldn't be too concerned deleting your user profile should be ok , run a defrag and use c-cleaner as above to delete free space ;)