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coming January, I will be considering other employment opportunities. my current job is becoming far too stressful for various reasons.

soo, I thought maybe this would be a good place to start looking. if you know of anyplace that is looking for someone to work an IT position, please send me a pm or email. doesn't quite matter where you're at...I don't mind relocating.

if you need more information, like my employment history...etc me and I'll get that to you asap.

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chopper...please move this to the off topic discussion forum. doesn't belong here and that's my bad. pretty tired right now. ^_^ that's a change of scenery! thanks debaser, I'll take a look.

and thanks xerion, but I'm fairly capable when it comes to web design myself. ^_^ but I'll keep you in mind should I be looking for help.
what's a comfortable salary over there in merry old england, debaser? I saw a few jobs on that site that I would definitely be interested in...but I'm not sure about the location or the salary.
I do have a little bit of experience in just about everything (or more to the point, if I don't...I can learn it pretty damn quick ^_^) but the problem is that I have no formal training. I am completely self taught. I do have several years combined experience in several IT fields (web design, network admin, digital photgraphy / digital editing). I'm working towards my certifications now, and I'm hoping to get the ever important university degree as soon as possible.

as far as what I'm looking for? nothing specific. I enjoy working from a support position, and I prefer to work in a diverse environment rather than do the same thing day after day. all of my jobs so far have met these requirements and I'm sure there are plenty of other things that can also do so.
Debaser said:
I live in Birmingham, Englands second city and i love it here. :D

weheeeeeeee :D
a Brummie ;) :p (just joking.heard that a guy told a Bgham girls that she is a Brummie,and i liked that word lol :p)
now i know that it really is :D
i thought only my friend told that way
now i know :)
brummie in hungarian means bear,but only little 2-3 years old kids tell it that way,its a cute name for bears :p
+ little kids tell brumm brumm when they want to sound like a car :p
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