seeing a girl that i meet online

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im going to meet a girl next week that we have been chatting to over the internet and msn and we have goton on really well so far and now were going to meet eachother in real life

my question is as you all know by my posts ive created im no good with girls and also i have a slight stutter and im really getting nervous about my stutter being an issue when we first meet eachother, do you think it will, i really want to know your views especially the girls on here
If she is worth anything she wouldn't make fun of a stutter

have you made sure she is a female though? Not being mean..but yea..that kinda thing does happen
The girls on here?? What site are you on? You do realize that there is like a 99.9999999999999999999 to 1 ratio of guys to girls here right?

Sorry to be so blunt, but really how can you expect anyone to answer this. We know absolutely nothing about this girl. So even if a girl did respond and said that she wouldnt be offend it still wouldnt mean a dang thing. It isnt the person you are metting!

You are asking a question that is impossible to answer. We are not the person, we know nothing about this person and we cant speak on behalf of the person. Our opinions in this matter, mean nothing as they will not, do not and shall not reflect what happens.

Again sorry to be so blunt about it. But really asking such a question is fruitless. As it holds no meaning in anything in regards to this matter.
this kid is persistent, eh? get in there and get-r-done. the stutter will prolly be a limiting factor but dont let it make you fear rejection. most people have their own insecurities.

finding common interests is good.
well if he's asking about it on here, he obviously needs to be reassured.

you should just be yourself like someone said earlier. if she's meeting you, she's already interested in you.
if not, sleep with all her friends and ignore the ish out of her.
Nothing against robina_80, but I am going to close this before it gets rolling. This is not the place to get dating advice.

A simple word, mate... be yourself. If she can't like you for that then she is an idiot. 'Nuff said.
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