secondary HD not showing up in server 2003

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i installed server 2003 for shits and giggles onto a p3 800 that i built a little while ago.
mostly just to back up files, keep some music on, etc. but i wanted to play with the O/S as well to see it's features.


i installed server with just the 1 hard drive in.

remembered i had another 15 gig hd that still works good and decided to put that in.

it shows up in the BIOS/Device Manager/Add New Hardware (says it's already installed)

but nothing shows up in My Computer, so i can't access it.

it's on the same IDE as the master HD, it IS set to slave and i do know it DOES work.
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Go to Run> and type in DISKMGMT.MSC

Find the hard drive, right click on it, go to Activate (or something to that effect) then it says it is activated and gives you the option to partition it. Partition it, and then it gives you the format option. Format it and now the drive is working. I had to do that even to get an external drive working! I hate that...
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