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Hi all
I have a Virgin Superhub in my living room for Wi-Fi and Tivo box however I had a conservatory built and the signal is poor. I bought a D-link and use it as an AP hard wired to a games consul and it emits a signal to my laptop in the conservatory but that is still week.
I have a new Netgear router that I never used as the Virgin tech said I didn't need it now I have the "Super?hub" so it sat in my office unused for a couple of years.
I had them put in an extension cable to the new build to run my TV and previously a cable to a bedroom. I can only presume these extensions are run from a three way splitter inside the sealed virgin box outside on the wall.
Can you advise me on the best way to use the spare router?
Can I use it as a Modem to get a faster connection and how would I set up the connection settings. Is the cable a separate feed and would there be conflicts with my Superhub if used in Wi-Fi mode as well? as I can continue with my D-link for that part.


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There's probably no real "best" way to do it, the Super Hub is acting as a wireless router (basically getting the internet from the signal to put it simpler), I would guess there are spare ethernet ports in the back of the Super Hub. If I were setting up from scratch (assuming the Super Hub has ethernet ports in the back) I would have the following setup:
The Super Hub left where it is
Ethernet cable from the back of the Super Hub directly to the games console.
Ethernet cable from the back of the Super Hub to either the D-link or Netgear wireless router (acting simply as an access point), and have the wireless router placed in the conservatory.

That way you minimise complications, the console gets a connection, the WiFi from the Super Hub will still work, and you'll get a strong WiFi signal from the router you have placed in (or near) the conservatory.

The WiFi from each wireless router will not interfere with each other at all as long as they're broadcasting on different channels (you can set that up in the admin console for each router).
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