Second router as an Access Point can it be used as switch ?


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Dear folk

Second router is configured as Access Point to extended WiFi for mobile connection at home and it is connected wired to a first router via a wall socket

Can the second router (now it is setup in Access Point mode) be a switch for 2 desktop to be connected to it via Ethernet cables ?

I have only one RJ45 connection on a wall and yes I am aware that if the desktop has wireless network card that will help


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Depends on the router configuration. If it has a dedicated AP mode it might disable the ethernet ports outside of the uplink. Only one way to find out, just try it.


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It can be a switch if you turn off dhcp routing, but I don't think you want that... It sounds like you still want multiple local IPs from the device, so it will be a non-wireless router still.

You should enable RIP settings in both routers, disable AP mode, and get the routers talking to each other.

Plug a LAN port from the first router into the WAN port of the first router. You may have IP conflicts but hopefully not...

You may have issues with subnet (ex: one router is and the other is, devices on one may have trouble talking to devices on the other).

Good luck!
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