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Hello everyone, This is my first post here on these forums and I was wondering if someone could help me. I just bought 256MB of PC133 and when I installed it I am getting a boot disk failure message on boot up. I also had a 128MB of PC133 in slot 2 at the time, so, maybe they were conflicting but i'm not sure. When I removed the 256 and put the 128 back into slot 1 it booted up fine.

Thanks Alot,

Here are my comp specs

Windows XP Professional
1.2 GHz Athlon T-Bird
Xpert 128
AC97 Audio
After installing the new ram module, are you going into your bios to update the CMOS settings? Some do it automatically, some require you to just enter the bios and it will calculate it, and some still require you to specifically tell the bios to update its memory settings.
Is it doing this when both are in? Have you tried only with the 256?
No, I hadn't done that... I haven't had to do it before, so I assumed my board auto detected it. Thanks for the advice Seloce and i'll post back to let you know.

Yes, ADZ it was happening when the 256 was in slot 1 and the 128 was in slot 2. I hadn't tried just the 256... didn't think about it... lol
I Put the 256 in slot 1 as ADZ suggested and just left the 128 out and I am getting like 2 or 3 short beeps from the system boot check.
I incerted the 256 into slot 2 and 3 at seperate times and booted the pc but each time it gave me an error saying that I was missing a ntfs file and couldn't complete booting up windows. I can't remember exactly which file it was though.

I didn't check the leakage problem because I wasn't sure about how to do it and what kind of leakage you meant.

Also you said the beeps were stating that it was a ram problem. Do you think I might have bought a faulty ram stick?

I think my 128 stick is Morpheus.
Thanks for everyones help on the issue. I think i'm just going to take the Infineon ram back and buy some Crucial. They have a rebate for 7$ off at the moment and free shipping if you order $40 or more online.
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