SCSI RAID 5... I don't get it!

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here's my deal...

I have the Intel SRCU42L Integrated RAID controller (SCSI). I originally had four 146 GB Maxtor 10K HDD's... this created 1 logical drive with 3 partitions. First partition houses OS, second partition Programs and the 3rd patition Oracle Database and other Data.

So on Thursday, I added 3 new 146 GB Maxtors (same as ones that were there before)... and selected the option in the RAID Controllers menu to add drives to the array. So i selected ID's 4, 5 & 6.

I knew this was going to take several hours so i left it to go over the weekend (Friday was holiday). I came back today only to find that the drives did add to array drive 0 - but what i don't understand is why the drives are under array drive 0, but added a separeate Host Drive 7??? Now when i look at Disk Management in Win2K, i see a new drive (Disk 1 - 410 GB) with unpartitoned space.

I've looked through the RAID controlelrs setup and can't seem be able to merge without loosing all the data. I'm curisous as to why this didn't add as unpartitioned space to the then current logical drive.

All I want to do is expand partition 3 by adding these 3 new HDD's in a RAID-5.

Anyone have any ideas that could help ? Thanks.

(attached image to better depict what's going on)


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