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Hi all -

I'm looking for a way to automate a process I have right now. At the end of every month I need this to happen on my PC:

Open program
1. Hit enter 3 times (slight pause between each one)
2. Press “F7”
3. Enter password
4. Enter Date (hard Part because dates changes monthly) 07/01/02 next week would be 08/01/02 in this format (example: 07, tab, 02, return)
5. Press “Y” key
6. Press “5”
7. Press “1”
8. Press “enter”
9. Pause for 5min
10. Press “Esc” 3 times

ThatÂ’s it. I would need this to work with DOS, NT, and 95/98. I normally work with Macs and on a Mac this work take to five min. to do. IÂ’m hoping thatÂ’s the case for a PC. Anyways, I'm willing to pay the right person for this if you can send me a quote. I don't want to have to buy software like Quickeys (or I would use that to do it). I was thinking there has to be some kind of built in scripting software on these OS's.

The above process could change a little, but this should give you an idea.

Any help or direction would be great.

This might not be the best answer (well, for one thing it's a question), but....

Can you make a macro to do that and assign a key for it? Or are you wanting it all automated?
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