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Like i said earler. The fans stopped on the cooler that was on the cpu. It cooked the cpu. Also, looks like it burned the ram, some of them, not all. I had two sticks that would work. I tried to use that same cooler with the 2 core cpu i had. I think i had already damaged the mb and in turn the 2 core i had. That quad core the thermo-paste was brown! It didn't have any grey to it. I would say it had a major meltdown. I have never seen the paste turn brown before! Hope never again. The cooler was two fan model. One was locked up and the other was working but at a slow speed. Shame.. that was a good combo!! Anyway i got a different mb and ram and cpu along with cooler for it. I just hope it didn't screw up my ssd drives or my dvd disc drive.
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