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Hi all.

I have Windows 10, 64 bit, latest updates/ build.

This past week, my screen saver won't come on.

I always have my screen saver set to come on after 1 minute of inactivity.

I've made no major hardware/ software changes to my system recently.

From some general searching I did on the 'Net, one of the culprits of interference of a screen saver not coming on is pending Windows Updates. But when I check Settings/ Updates & Security, there is nothing pending, I am up-to-date.

Another culprit can sometimes be a faulty mouse, in which the computer "thinks" it picks up movement from the mouse. I have an optical mouse, a Razer Deathadder; I checked the optical lens on the bottom, no dust or hairs blocking the view.

I even came across something saying to check your Power settings. Personally, I always have had my Power settings set to:
Display: Never Turn Off
Hard disc (computer to sleep): Never Off

I've done it this way for years with the screen saver coming on after 1 minute of inactivity with no problems. One of the suggestions of Power Settings is to accept Windows suggestion for it (something like 30 minutes monitor; 2 hours hard disc); it didn't help, screen saver still not coming on.

Is there a little test/ command line prompt that can be run to determine what may be interfering with the screen saver coming on?

For now, the only way I can get it to come on is after launching the screen saver interface, from the drop-down menu selecting a screen saver, then clicking on the Preview button.

Any ideas?

Maybe I'm understanding you incorrectly, but if your power settings are set to "Display: Never Turn Off", doesn't that mean that the screensaver cannot show up? I don't get it.
Also, have you tried using a different screensaver? Maybe there is an issue with the file. Sorry I could not be of more help.
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