Screen help


Daemon Poster
I have very very Bad Eye Site and I use a program called Zoom Text Extra 7.11

When it is turned on I use the ALT Key and the + or - Keys to make the screen size niger or smaller.

Then I use the Mouse to move left to right and the screen will move almost as if I am holding a Book and reading it.

And is worked ok for years and still does but everytime a new Motherboard and Chipset comeout or Video Card it is a Bigg pain to get it to work right.

And I do but it is just so mutch work.

I wanted to know if there is a FREE program that I can use to make the things on the screen BIGER???

I know I can go into windows Display settings and Custtom settings and but it does not let me ajust the size of every thing.
This is why I need a program that can enlarge the screen.

Please help


Golden Master
There is a built in Windows version of this.

Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessbility, and then Magnifier.

It will split the screen into two. Drag the window to a size you want, and anything you place the mouse on will be enlarged