Screen freezes - monitor temp loses signal

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Screen freezes - monitor temporarly loses signal - BIOS problem?


I hope you can help... I've recently built the following.

Antex Case 430W
Intel Pentium® 4 540 3.2GHZ S775
Asus P5GD1 Socket-775
Pioneer DVR-109 16x Multiple Format DVD Writer in Black - OEM
Xfx GeForce 6600GT PCI-E 128MB
2 x Samsung Original 512mb PC3200 DDR400 184pin Memory Module 52561
1 x Maxtor 6B200M0 Diamondmax 10 200GB 7200rpm Serial ATA150 8mb Cache

Everything was fine, I stalled the latest Nvidia drivers, but then the mouse would 'stick' and then the monitor lost its signal for a second before coming back on.

So I reseated the graphics card and tried some older nvidia drivers, but I've got the same problem.

So, I got an RMA and got a new XFX 6600GT card, put that in, but I've still got the same problem?! Surely both cards can't be duff?

I've tried taking some of the memory out, but nothing has helped so far.

Anyone got any ideas what I can try next?


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