SCO OpenServer Release 5.

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does anybody out there now anything interesting about SCO OpenServer Release 5. Any interesting menus, hidden things, anything at all, our Hotel Software runs on it, all we can really do is type imag1 @ the login screen, and i have learned if you press cntl-scroll lock, you can get into a configuration menu. but that's all i really know. I need more know-how of the system...any comments or tips, they're greatly appreciated....
on the ball, always!

(just kidding, its pretty slow, hehe)
i know what you mean, this is some of the most downtime that i have had in a give me some time to goof around and stuff but it's boring to say the least..

are you on a personal computer or a company computer at work?
its a company pc running windows NT, what a POS.
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