scanning/printing photos, please help

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Hello, I just got a photo quality printer, I want to print photos at the best quality.

The questions I have are: I scan my photos at 300dpi, what I'm unsure of is what should I size my images to for best prints. If I want to print a 8x10 photoshop lets me choose to fit the photo to my paper size. But does it matter how many pixels width x height I set it too? The first pic I printed it was 1200 wide. What if I set it to 800 wide? Would the print be any better or worse?

Also, I have a digital camera picture 450x382, I previewd how it would print in photoshop on a 8x10 and it didn't look stretched or blurred at all. Would it be a normal looking print?

Are there any standard sizes that you could give me for sizing my photos for specific print sizes, say 8x10, 5x7, 4x6?

Please help!

Thank you
if you have a photo quality printer and scanner, i think it wouldn't matter what resolution or size you print your pics at.
what dpi do you reccomend? and then after it's scanned how many pixels wide would you reccomend I size it to?

Thank you
thank you for your help:)

I was also wondering if there was anything special you did to the scans like certain levels or brightness techniqes?
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