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I just added a microtek scanmaker 4900 to my system.My problem is everything I try to print out on compaq IJ750 printer has a green tint to it.What am I doing wrong?I have gone in and tried to change my settings on my printer to what I thought was right, but with no luck.This is my first experience with a scanner so I am not real up on it.thanx in advance for any help.
If you print something you didnt scan, does it still have the green tint? It sounds like you may be low on one ink cartrige, possibly magenta.
Yes but not as bad if I scan it to my hard drive and then print it.My ink level shows about 2/3 full, but I guess it could be misleading.I will get a new cartridge and try that.Thanks
see if you have the all-in-one color cartridges, if you do you will have to get a whole new one, if not, you might just be able to get the one you are low on.
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