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Hi All,

Since I moved my system my scanner is only giving me a black page.
I've been to HP web site and done all they say.
Any I deas where to look next before I trash it.
It's not that old but I can't find the gaurantee from.

HP 3400C.


are you using its scanner application?
make sure settings are set ok,and that its connected to pc correctly
I had the same scanner before I bought this 4400c.. the scanning-light was burned and only gave me a black page.. look if it starts giving light or flickers or just moving around..
anyways, this 4400c is just damned better, great one.. 30 sec and you have a full colored scanned picture in your computer..
I haven't tossed it, cause I like things's parts :D
anyway, check what the problem realy is before you do something with it..

oh, and my new scanner gave me a black page yesterday too.. I had a viruse named Pe Peraite, or something like that, that damaged all of my exe files... I deleted any stuff linked to it, and reinstalled the program and drivers (new ones from the site), and now it works perfectly fine..
Hi All,

Just uninstalled and added newest drivers.
I'm now getting a 1215 error scanner not found.
So is it an XP problem or still a scanner problem.


I recomend you ask the technical help of any XP advices, if there are any...
but I don't belive it is a scanner problem, unless it has a bad cables of burnt light (If the error changes, then probably it isn't the cables..)..
but maybe I don't really know more...
Hi All,

Yes it is usb, I changed port and is now still scanning a black page again.
The light seems ok and it scans as usual.
Time for a new scanner I guess.

Thanks for all your help.

also too, the lens thingmajig (at loss for the correct term) could be burnt out. if there was a power surge through that usb port (was it external usb hub or mobo usb port?) then the scanner could be fried. depends on what was going on before the black pages started happening.
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