Scanner question


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I have tons of paper files that I want to archive on computer and get rid of the paper. We are an insurance agency that will be merging with another and moving into their office. After the merger, we will be using their existing document systems, so I'm not concerned with integration. I'm more concerned with time, as there are about 50 drawers of files that need to be archived in just a few months. I just want to be able to get all our files onto a hard drive (then shred) so I don't have to move and store them. Is it as simple as buying a good scanner and saving each client file as one individual PDF? I don't think I need anything fancier than that. If I want to view something from that client, I can pull up that PDF and search it, not much different than getting out his paper file and flipping through. If later I need to break out specific pages from a client's file, I can always save them as a separate smaller PDF.

I have little to no experience with this stuff. Am I missing anything? Will this idea work for me? Any other advice?