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Houston we have a problem!I was just getting the hang of my Microtek scanner and now when I scan a photo and send it to Adobe photo deluxe 4.0 to enlarge and fix it ,I then try to print it out and it comes up"you have perfomed an illegal operation".Well then I close that out and it locks up my printer and I have to reboot my computer.HELP!!!!!
I'm using win 98 and it locks up when I try to print an edited pic from adobe.I can print docs or pics straight from the scanner with no prob.I also ran a check on adobe with mcafee and it showed no virus.I guess if nothing else I will have to delete the software and reinstall.
That sounds like it's gonna be your best bet. If that doesn't work i'd try seeing if there are updates for your printer drivers, and or reinstalling your printer drivers as well. :)
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