scanner help


Daemon Poster
I have win xp pro and a Canon Printer and scanner.

In the controle pannel I right click Printers and Scanner in Controle Pannel and then left click Properties.

I then click on Events Tab at the top of the window.

I then see two programs in a Box and it asks me to pick witch program I would like to have run Automaticly wen I run the Scanner.

So I make sure the only Program that has a Check Mark in it is Scan Gear Tool Box.

And then I click Apply and then OK.

I do this because wen I press the Cpy Button on my Scanner I have my Printer turned on and after it scanns it runs Scan Gear Tool Box and this program sends it to the printer and it Atomaticly prints.

But wen I go under my Limited Account and press the copy Button on my scanner a box comes up telling me that Scan Gear has a Problem.

But it works under Admin???????

And I checked the settings in the Limited account under Printers and scanners and all is set up the same.

Please help