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Greetings all, As you may have noticed my name is Aaron And I happen to be big into jeeps. Right now I have 4 and maybe one on the way sunday. My pride and joy is the "Hulk"
My web Site is, It is a technical web site and idea exchange for jeepers.

I am also into Motorcycles, I have a 1996 Honda F3. No pics, Still in paint shop. I am a BroadBand Technician (phone support) and Avid animator using lightwave..

Ecniv, a good guy but a dork sometimes. J/K man, we are cool and he is my 'best' bud.. I recently converted him to a car guy so WATCH out!! he'll be fast soon!

PC are a hobby too, but lower on the list because they are out dated too quickly. I 'is' married and have ONE (1) kid... :p Lord knows i cannot afford another one with my hobbies, i thank god my wife is understanding about that..

That is me in a 'nut shell'.. later!

Yes very nice looking Jeep. Welcome to tech forums Aaron_Jeeper and thanks for the intro.
Welcome Aaron_Jeeper! I like that jeep! If it ever needs someone to take it for a drive, or just take care of it for awhile, I'm available. :D

Your url caught the comma and messed up, so for us lazy clickers, here it is:

Dave :D
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