Sapphire HD4850 512 mb ddr3 256 bit Advice / Concern


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Hey, i have a sapphire HD4850 video card that i bought from a friend. I read from the sapphire site that this particular model runs at 625 coreclock and 993 mhz memory clock. However when i run the GPU-Z program it shows that the default settings is that the coreclock is 650 and the memory clock is 1000 mhz. Even in the ATI catalyst program this is what it shows as the default? Does this mean the card was overclocked or was the bios flashed? Is it better to manual adjust the clocks back to the 625/993? Im not so sure, but is it safe to say that this card will run stably? Any comments/ help will be very appreciated. Thanks you!

Edit: The idle temp is usually 40c and full load is around 66c --> Is this hot for an Ati (1st time using ati since ive always used nvidia)


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Those speeds are acceptable. If you see any lines or patterns that don't belong, begin underclocking the card. The temperature is perfectly acceptable. It's actually running at amazing temperatures. No need to worry.


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that's not hot for ATI or NVIDIA, a good, safe speed for that card (I have one) is 675/1000, though it will go higher, you can also let CCC OC it for you with auto tune...