Sandy Bridge Recall


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For those that don't want to head it all:

The Sandy Bridge chipsets have a bug which makes the SATA 3 ports deteriorate over time. It does not affect SATA 6 ports.

It is caused by a single transistor in charge of SATA 3.0 ports 2 - 5 which, because of the design of the chipset, gets too much current passed through it. This means that only those SATA ports are affected, but SATA ports 0 - 1 are not, nor are SATA 6

They have already fixed the issue and have recalled all boards. There should be a fix out late this month, with SB boards back in full swing around April time, just a couple months before Z68, so if you were planning on getting an SB board, it may be better to wait that bit longer and look at Z68 (socket 2011)

Oh, if you have a 1155 board, you may not get it replaced, as it is not down to Intel to replace them (unless you have an Intel board) or decide to replace them, it is down to the manufacturer, so if you have a Sandy Bridge board, keep watching your mobo manufacturer's news feeds, or contact your retailer.

I know for now, in the UK, ebuyer aren't replacing, don't know about any others

Sucks to be Intel now...