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Hi All,
I just installed my new Wireless Network adapter that plugs into my USB port, I installed the drivers fine in XP Pro but i have this "Safely Remove Hardware" thing still... The internet works fine, how can i get rid of this?
if you reboot your pc it should get rid of this, if not just give it a while, sometimes it just takes time for the os to get rid of it....
I thought so too, but its been probably 5 days since I had installed it. Re-Booted probably 4 times since then...
I have never heard of an OS "taking time" to get rid of something like this.

Maybe you should click it an see what happens. At worst, you will have to reinstall.
that is weird,
sometimes when you do things it doesn't register with the os right away. Pc's don't always do what we tell them to,,,when we tell them to....I would click on it, as suggested above...
Well when I installed broadband on my computer I had the same thing showing in my taskbar for a good week or more and it eventually went away by its self.
Not everything you do is instanteous. Sometimes it may take the OS a little while to make sure what you installed is compatible fully.
( This answer was given to me by Paul Simmons one of the product developers here at microsoft)
I didn't say that it couldn't happen, I said I had never heard of it. I know that sometime it may take a few clock cycles to make something happen, but a week.... I don't see how.
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