Safe Mode Bust...can anyone help?

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I am using Windows 98.
on an optiplex Dell about 10 years old.?

My computer wont act normally anymore, I have no access to the internet, and when I turn it on it only to goes to Safe Mode again every time. When I go to the shutdown screen I only get Restart and Shutdown options.

I ran a virus scan, and a anti-spyware scan, and it found nothing.

I checked my hardware but everything is working fine, I presume that obviously the problem must be at the hard drive handling all the info and stuff.

It has a certian symptons I have never seen before, like it highlights more than one item at a time anytime i click on an Icon.

I tried going into MS-DOS and selectively formatting my hard drive but i dont have even that available as an option or a command prompt.

So their is my dilemma, is their anything you guys can come up with that could possibly aid my computer before trashing it?

I honestly think the problem is of age, but im not in any financial position to replace one.

Thanks guys


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try pressing F8 when booting, and see if it gives you an option to run the OS in normal mode.

if that doesnt work, then i think you need to reinstall windows. just pop the disc in, boot it, and it will sort out the formatting for you as part of the install procedure.
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