running divx movies under xp media player

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I'm having probs running certain divx files using the media player for XP - the audio runs but a visualisation is ran instead of the movie file. I've already installed ALL the codecs I could find (a collection of about 20!!!).

Running the files (the failed ones) through the Divx player proved OK however the audio and visual were out of sync....

I've never had problems with media player prior to using xp (previously used the ME version - version 8 I think) - has anyone else had these problems and more importantly is there a solution?

Any ideas???
yeah, I guess everyone had their divx files working on Media Player and now it isn't anymore.. that's why there is a program called DIVX for a DIVX files.. hmm..
that's really weird the visual were of of sync in divx for you, was it only in one particular divx movie, or was it in all of them?
maybe somany codecs have freaked your computer out.. that's realy weird.. I recomend to use DivX always for divx files, and try one more codec - the one on WinDvD site..

hopefuly my post was in some help..
Cheers (b) m8..
How powerful a machine are you running. and which version of the divx codec are you running. are you running 5.02. also what quality level are you running during playback. the overhead of xp and media player is HUGE so the fact that it runs poorly is not unusual, since you can play them back with the divx player, i think that if you turn the quality down a little that should solve your audio/video sync problem, i watch full screen episodes of farscape that run approx 240 meg for 48 min of video on my pII 266 laptop with 128 mb ram with win2k. Windows media player barely plays them, but the divx 2.0 alpha player with the quality slider set between half and two-thirds plays them beautifully.
Cheers guys...

Haven't managed to solve the problem but its just confirmed my thoughts that its an XP Media Player thing!!!!

I think the divx files must have been decoded using a different codec version than the one that I've installed (prob divx3 or 4).
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