Running an FTP behind a HUB

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Do any of u guys know if its posible to run an FTP while your behind a HUB? I've been having troubloe uploading files

I use cable, but my computer is conected to a hub, that is conected to a computer that is finaly conected to a cable modem

I have a diffrent IP than the gateway computer, but still Im almost never able to make transfers, and sometimes games think Im behind a firewall and Im not able to play them online at all (my pc and the gateway pc have their windows xp firewall deactivated)

Is there any way around this?
Assuming you're using WinXP ICS on the gateway PC, just go to properties for the cable connection, go to the "Advanced" tab, click settings, and put a check beside "FTP Server". It'll open up a dialog box where you just put in the name of the comp running the server, and you're set. If your ftp server doesn't use port 21, just add a new service instead of checking "FTP Server".
The hub is not the problem. I would be willing to bet that the gateway computer you are talking about is actually acting more like a router than a gateway.

I assume you are trying to run the FTP server from your pc. In order to do this the computer that is acting as your gateway or router needs to have the ability to forward ports. For instance if your IP is and you are running an FTP server then the gateway or router computer needs to know that it should forward all packets it recieve heading to port 21 to the IP

This is the same thing you must do for your games, as each game uses a specific port number. I would suggest downloading router software so that you can place your PC's IP in a DMZ zone. That or you will need to open ports 1-65500 on the gateway computer for your IP.
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