run-time error '70' permision denied

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I get this run-time error message every time I start the computer. I run windows ME.
I also sometimes get the following:
! an error has occured in the script on this page.
line 64
Char 1
error 'suih' is undefined
code 0
url file://c:\windows\application data\microsoft\internet explorer\desktop.htt.
Thanks for any help.
you got something set wrong in active desktop
try selecting no wallpaper,and disable active desktop
I,ve tried that it made no difference.Though i,m not sure if I deactivated my desktop properly.I just stopped web content being displayed on desktop. You can tell i,m a total learner.
start > control panel > display properites

under the "web" tab, uncheck the very top box.
still there

Thanks for that,I deactivated the desktop but still get
Run-time error '70' access denied. I just press OK and everything seems to fire up ok.I am having a bit of trouble with Outlook Express and Realarcade though.
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