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David Lindon

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Welcome to the For Sale board.

This forum is for the sale of physical items only. The post must list the items for and not just a website link to. You must also include a picture with a sign showing the username and the date next to the item. The date must be recent and correspond with the post. Failing to do so will result in the removal of your ad. The picture must be posted when the thread is posted, no saying "I'll do it later". If your "interest" thread looks like a for sale thread and does not have pictures, it will be removed!

This is mainly for computer items

Sites may be listed for information but not for the purpose of advertising.

Not allowed
T-shirts available:

Geek t-shirt 1 $XX image:
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Geek t-shirt 3 $XX image:
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  1. Try to have pictures and the most information you have.
  2. Please post asking prices for items.
  3. Please begin threads with either FS (For sale) WTB (Want to buy) WTT (Want to trade) etc. so we know what your thread is about.
  4. Please keep your list of items to 1 thread.
  5. Anyone found to be intentionally "trashing" another's ad may be suspended as we see fit without warning.
  6. The Advertising Forums are not a place for you to critique one's ad. Comments such as "You could get a better deal at.....", or "Your price is way too high for that...", or "That design stinks....", etc. will be removed and your account may be suspended as noted above.
    If you don't like the ad, don't reply

You May:
  1. Bump threads with the word 'bump' etc.

You May Not:
  1. No selling of illegal copies of software.
  2. Sell software that requires a user account, in use. You may sell the software, sealed. Some companies' EULA has a disclose of not selling accounts.

  1. Making a thread purely for the point of promoting an ebay auction is prohibitted
  2. eBay Links in signature okay.

Thank you.

Half Evil

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Re: Rules.

Important ~ Read before posting!

All Sales and Trade Related Topics must include a picture with a sign showing the username and date next to the item. The date must be recent and corresponds with the post. Failure to provide this may result in removal of your ad.
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