RRAS and DHCP super issue!!


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Hi everyone,

I have what I consider to be a unique issue and could use help from some real experts. I have a Sonicwall 4060 firewall with 1 LAN port and 2 WAN ports. Each WAN port has a different ISP and I call them VPN 1 and VPN 2. So basically if one line dies the other line is there for my users to VPN in and work. Here is my problem though;

When my users come into VPN 1, they have internet and MSN messenger while in VPN. But, VPN 2 does not. And, I know WHY this is. Its because my DHCP scope has the LAN port as the router and the RRAS clients coming in over VPN 2 lose internet and MSN Messenger because the LAN port is using the DNS servers from my VPN 1 line. So my question is;
Can I somehow tell RRAS to chose a certain scope in DHCP for its clients? I plan to make another LAN table in my firewall and set the gateway to .2 with the VPN 2 DNS servers and have the VPN 2 RRAS clients look to it for resolution.

Can this be done??