Routing SPDIF 9600GT HDMI, DTV1000S Drivers


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Hey guys
Next issue regarding my second-system which is now being setup as a HTPC for my full-HD LCD TV. Windows 7 finally installed - it took about 15 hours to expand the Windows files, but now it's done and its running very smoothly.

Thankfully everything including my sound card and my USB-dongle for my MCE remote was detected - EXCEPT for my high definition TV tuner, a Leadtek DTV1000S. I downloaded the Vista 64-bit drivers from the Leadtek website, and it "installed without a hitch" - but Windows 7 is still listing the TV tuner as a "Multimedia Audio Controller" in the device manager, with an exclamation mark next to it - and MCE cannot detect a TV tuner.

My other issue is relating to the HDMI output my 9600GT has. As expected, the TV is not picking up any sound via the HDMI cable, and so for now I'm using the standard 3.5mm output which the TV also supports. However, I would like to use HDMI for sound too if possible. I know I have to connect the video cards SPDIF header to the motherboard, but I don't know how to obtain the right cable. The video card has a 2-pin header, and the motherboard has a 5-pin header (labelled "SPDIF_IO"). Any ideas?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

*UPDATE* ok, I accidentally installed the DTV1000 T drivers when I'm pretty sure mine is the DTV1000 S. But now after downloading and installing the DTV1000 S Vista 64-bit drivers, I get the message "This is not Windows Vista" and it doesn't install. Strange that it didn't say this even when installing the DTV1000 T but In short, I'm in the same spot as before. I would say the drivers would still work if the installer LET them get installed but I don't know how to install them manually.

I would really appreciate some help here...

I'm also having these two issues:
- the TV's "native" resolution is 1920x1200, but when set to that the left and bottom side are off the screen. So I've used the NVIDIA display settings to custom-resize it, and it works great... until I restart or wake it from sleep - then the resolution goes back to 1920x1200.

- When my computer goes to sleep, one of the fans gets very loud (spins faster, in other words) when really they should all stop, right?