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OK here is my problem it is kinda complex so I am going to break it down.

I have 2 networks one is large with a proxy for internet access. (Network A)

The other is a Win 2k Server enviroment for a lab. (Network B)

There is a Win 2k server acting as a router between the 2 networks.

There is RIP and Static routes configured on that router.

If I go to network A's proxy server I am able to Ping the Server on network B through the Router.

However if I go to the server on Network B I am unable to ping the proxy server on Network A.

The proxy server allows annoymous access so it is not a permissions problem. (even though I have enterprise admin rights to the whole show)

I can ping other devices on Network A from Network B, But not all it is kinda hit and miss.

Thanks for ay help
wow. that's really not nearly enough information to solve that one. and I don't know that we'd really be able to help you there. if you can't solve it, I'd recommend hiring a specialist and having him give the whole thing a once over.
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