router stoped working!

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hey all. I have a routet (to hook up my comp, laptop and xbox live). Its a Linksys etherfast 4 port switch. Now a couple days ago their was a really bad storm and the internet went out, so i called my ISP and they said my modem was online, so i thought strange that i cant get on the net then. So when i looked at my router the internet LED is lit and soli, but the connection LED (1 for the laptop,1 for the comp, and 1 for the xbox) where not lit at all and the power LED was flashing.

So i tryed many time just restarting the comp, router and modem in the correct order and still nothing and the power led is still flashin on the router.

Any ideas on whats going on and how to fix it???

thanks alot guys.
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