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I recently purchased a Nighthawk x6 ac 3200. I live in a large house and the previous router ( 5 year old Asus) lacked the range that I need. The new Nighthawks range is much worse and even with several repeaters is poor. If I keep it I will need to set up more repeaters. I tried to log into the routers web page to see if I could make any adjustments, but even this was problematic and I could not find using the address that was provided. I've had good luck with Netgear products in the past, but this thing is very poor. Any ideas before I return this thing to Amazon?


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To access a Netgear router's admin page, you should just need to open a browser and go to:

What happens when you try that?


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There are apps to show where you get poor signal in the house. Get a Ethernet power adapter and plug into the room or area you need in the house. It will save you hassle.


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I have the exact same problem, how can I solve it?
I had the same problem, and maybe I can help you solve it. My friend advised me to connect to the modem as an administrator and reset all settings to factory settings. I decided to try it and went here . I started to do everything according to the points, first connected to the modem, then reset all the settings to factory settings, then changed the username and password to a new one, and then restarted the modem itself. You know, everything worked out for me, now I can see how the modem works, and most importantly, there is a network connection.

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Dead thread but:

It's always best to hard wire into the router you want to configure rather than trying to do so over wireless. Next, you can always use the gateway address to get into your router which can be found under ethernet adapters, status.


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Here are some possible causes and solutions for router problems:

Slow internet speed: This could be caused by a number of factors such as network congestion, outdated firmware, or an outdated router. You can try updating your router firmware, restarting your router or contacting your ISP for help.

Intermittent internet connectivity: This could be caused by interference from other devices, physical obstructions, or outdated firmware. Try moving your router to a more open location, updating your firmware, or changing the wireless channel.

Weak Wi-Fi signal: This could be caused by a variety of factors such as distance from the router, interference, or an outdated router. You can try moving your router to a more central location, updating your firmware, or using a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal.

Difficulty connecting to the internet: This could be caused by incorrect router settings, outdated firmware, or network congestion. You can try resetting your router to its default settings, updating your firmware, or contacting your ISP for assistance.



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I sent my Netgear Nighthawk back to Amazon within a week. Wireless worked okay but ethernet was rubbish. I don't want to know all the stuff about configuring etc. All I should have to do for a basic set up is put my ISP log in details in and it should just work. As said wireless was fine using my laptop but when I tried to use my ethernet connected desktop I had dropouts when connected to the web and it was slow slow slow to being unusable. Put my original router back on and everything was good. So the junk Netgear went back to Amazon.
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