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I was previously using crossover cable and 3 NIC's to share an internet connection with the other computer in the house, but now we have switched to a new method.

We bought an SMC Router and installed it. As you can see Internet Explorer works, however now im having problems with certain other programs.

It seems with some programs it can still get a ping, and trace the hopps to the server its connecting too, but It always gives me a "connection to server lost" error when I try to connect. Ive tried running the WinXP Network Setup Wizard but the stupid thing doesnt even have a router option. I tried using the hub option they have, but it wont work either.

I KNOW for a fact that the server im connecting to is operating properly, and I can connect to it from other computers no problem. This only started after we got the router and I know the router is the problem.

Im running winxp in case anyone missed that :)

*gets on his knees* PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Ive never worked with a router setup before and if I dont get this program running I might as well sell my computer since its the only point of this one.

Please specify what programs you are using. You may need to open certain ports on your router in order for them to function properly
its an off-the-market program me and a friend created together. It uses port 3600 to connect to the main server. Is it hard to open ports? There was a program that came with the router, would it have the ability to do this?

Most likely yes. If not, find out what your default gateway is(usually and plug that into your Browser, it should bring up the GUI, but check your routers manual for details.
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