Router Modem Combo, Vs A Modular Set Up.


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So about 4 months back we were using a modular set up meaning router box modem box. we had that modem for a few years so it was time to upgrade. Comcast our ISP provided us with a Aris Motorola Surfboard wifi combo box. it seems pretty good.

Speeds are fair at 25MB DL 11MB UL and 13 Ms ping. (The ping is a little slow)

Anywho the distance throw of the wifi is not good at all. you can't even pick it up from 20 feet (6M) away,

So I've been thinking about switching back to a modular set up but I wondered something, if doing so would slow down the ping. seeing you are running from a modem through the line to the router and then the connection. it would only seem logical that it would be slowed down no?

Another thing I wondered about was a wireless extender. the little things you plug in and they pick up the networks and reproject them (this of course would be slowed down also seeing it has to run through that unit I'm sure, but seeing as it would only be used when away from the router I don't think I would notice it to a great extent)

What are your guys (and gals) thoughts on this? is a combo better or essentially the same thing aside from having the cable to run between. do extenders work? or are they just smoke and mirrors.

I'm by no means well informed on Networking it's my weakest tech subject. so I want to hear it from you!