Router Is Dead?


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Last night we had a power outage and when I turned on the PC, the internet didn't work. So I called Comcast and they had me disconnect the router and connect directly from modem-->PC, and the internet now works.

So I tried using the router again and it didn't work. The guy said that the router was probably zapped during the outage.

Do you think this is what happened? Because the internet definitely doesn't work when going through the router...


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Go to or depending on your router manufacturer to see if you can reach the router configuration site.

Report back with what happens.

Are any of the router's lights blinking or anything?


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ok my linksys does this everytime we lose power... pull the internet out from the router, hold the reset swithc on the back for 15 second... count it for real dont count fast, then plung the internet back in,

also if that doesnt work try putting the CD that came with it and redo the setup process

if neither of those work then im stumped


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I would try turning off the modem, disconnectiong the router, and then plugging the router in and turining the modem back on (in that order). That should reset everything. Its worth a try lol.


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Ok I've tried all suggestions and still doesn't seem to work. What I've noticed is that the router seems to be working normally, with all functionality, it just doesnt let the internet work!

Here is what does work for the router:
All lights are active
Login at is successful
In the router config area, it lists all wireless adapters in the house
Computer says connected
Wireless PCs also say connected

But it simply will not let the internet work


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Get in to the router setup.
From there go to the bottom of the first page and select pppoe.
Enter your ISP ID and password.
Select stay alive
Click the save button at the very bottom.
Select the DHCP tab
Check that it is enabled
If not enable it and save the setting.
Exit back to IE
Power down all systems on the router and the modem/router itself.
Power up in this order
Modem Wait till the lights stop flashing
Router Same with the lights
Systems on the router
Give the entire set up about 5 mins before you try to get online.
If it still doesn't work then it's possible the tech was right and the router got nuked.


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i had previous problems also. do this. unplug every wire connected to anything including power. wait 1 minute. plug power back into the modem, and wait for the lights to stop blinking, then connect the modem to the internet port on the router. power up the router and wait 30-seconds. your internet should be working. if not, get a new router.