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Apologies to those shaking their heads at my elementary questions, but I'm a Canadian living in China and it's very difficult to get good information here. Here goes: My computer is powered by Intel Pentium 4, 3.00GHz, 3.01 GHz, 512MB RAM (Windows XP). First of all, is this a reasonably good set up? My main activity is downloading, organising and burning music (I'm a DJ). I don't play games at all and I try to limit the number of applications I run at the same time. Here are my questions: Why does my computer occasionally (roughly 3 times a day) when I click on an audio or video file? It does a file check afterwards and give me the "your system has recovered from a serious error" message when windows starts again. I run Norton all the time - is it possible there's a bug or virus that Norton can't detect and if so, how can I fix this infuriating problem? Would I benefit by upgrading to 1GB of RAM? Also, I bought a Pioneer DVD burner, but using Nero, I can't seem to burn a full disc without the program freezing half way through. Is there a better program I could use? (I use iTunes for my audio cd's and it works well). Thanks to anyone who can give advice to any of these questions. Cheers

bill gisse

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When your up and running, how much memory and hard drive to you have left. Sounds like you have a memory shortage or maybe even a power shortage. Have you done any upgrading to consume more power.