ROFL what an idiot

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that stupid show needs to be burned off the planet, I can understand people cheating with their partners and people having kids that aren't really their own, and yeah I can even understand them not knowing about it as ridiculous as it sounds, but why, WHY would you want to tell them through that crap on TV

I don't even feel bad for the parents as they're already big enough tools, but the kid basically has his entire childhood scarred..."yeeeahhh not only are you not really my son but your mom had to break the news to me infront of a bunch of complete strangers on some crap show"

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I agree with Gaara, stuff like that should be private. Shows like that only want to cause controversy and problems for people and the people who sit their and watch are even worse cause they find it entertaining. I can't begin to imagine how bad that guy must feel to find out the woman he loves cheated on him and the child he thought was his can never really be his son. I mean think about it, he was with her from before she got pregnant, during and after and he spent all that time raising that kid and playing with him and then in an instant he finds out the child he's been playing with and raising isn't even his but someone his skank-of-a-wife cheated on him with, his world just came crashing down in the blink of eye. I have seen episodes of Maury where he has helped little children whose families are poor or who have lost everything they had to fire or something like that but the majority of his shows are about cheating spouses. Things like this should be taken off the air, I'm not saying a little controversy on tv is bad, but broadcasting the dirty laundry of a man whose done nothing wrong and making him a laughing stock when he finds out his child(ren) isn't really his but someone else's is just indecent and wrong.


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honestly I did not think that that was funny, but come on dude! That is not your **** kid, NO WAY!
I dont feel sorry for a redneck moron who is probably an f-ing meth addict for not knowing that a black kid isn't his! WTF?!
And whoever goes on Maury should know some bad **** is about to go down--so again, I dont feel sorry. On a semi-tangent, what's with black guys liking fat, ugly white women....?


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"Caint get enough of that ***..."

DefragMyHead said:
On a semi-tangent, what's with black guys liking fat, ugly white women....?
............................................... ROFLMAO

I can't understand it myself, but it's been a law of history....

:p :cool:


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Hang on...I need another second to process this......

Ok, I'm good now.......

Ouch. I sorta feel bad for the guy, but come on... -_-

As for his wife -- may she burn in **** for 5 eternities.
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