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i RMAd my X800GTO today.

after loading the drivers in bootup, the fan was cutting right down in speed, to about a third of its usual, even with it set at 100%. This suddenly happened when i was playing CSS, and it artifacted. It was overheating badly becuase of the lack of fan speed. it did it in another computer, and with other drivers.

I am now on the old Intel Integrated... I had a small LAN party planned at my house on the 13th, and I don't think I will have a card by then. :(

I am going to try and get the company to provide a refund rather than a replacement, as i cant stand that ASUS rubbish drivers anymore, and that Powercolor X1800GTO is looking amazing for the price...

anyway, just to say that really. I am quite annoyed, as I just finished my exams, and was looking forward to long days of gaming etc, and now this has happened... :( :( :mad: :mad:
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