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Hi, I hope that I am posting in the correct forum...

I not able get a reading from my GPU on a plugin that is supported by LCDStudio 2.0. RivaTuner is a supported plugin, but I can not seem to find where temp information is located. Evidently there is a "Hardware Monitoring" menu that displays info.... I can not seem to find it.

I have successfully used and am still using other utilities that are similar (i.e. FRAPS, SpeedFan). I am discovering some limitations with the latter... which leads me to my problem.

I have a G15 KB that has an LCD screen. I use LCDStudio to display info, GPU temp can not be read from the Nvidia Forceware that I am using.

Thought I would snag it from RivaTuner... but as I said, I can't find the info.

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