riva tnt 2 m64 overclock

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Or if the registry hack isn't working out too good, then try NVmax... nice utility for tweaking NVIDIA cards.
can i run the registry hack or the other one on a xp system, i tried it with win 200 instructions but didnt work.
Just get a New video card man.
I still have a ATI Rage Pro Turbo
That runs at 75mhz For the Engine and 100 MHz for the RAM.
I overclock it to 105MHz for the engine and 118MHz for the Ram.
I might get a few more fps.. But i have alot of cooling on this card.
When it came , there was NO heatsink or fan.. I installed a heatsink and fan. :D
I agree with everyone else, buy a new one if you've got the cash, but if you dont, Search "RivaTuner" on google and go download it. It's an excellent overclocking and tweaking tool for TNT2's. make sure you replace the stock heatsink or put a fan on the heatsink.........TNT2's get hot quick. I've got a fan installed on the stock heatsink on my TNT2 along with a slot fan drawing heat off of card and out of my case.
Still, even squeezing that much performance out of a TNT2 M64 isn't gonna really help anymore - limited by the 64-bit memory path. Now it would be better to get a new card if you plan on playing newer games.
Actually, you dont need a new gfx card. it would be nice, but, it would also be nice to have an unlimited budget. the tnt2 m64 can be overclocked a good bit. the memory and chip frequencies are not fixed in relation to each other. basically, you can up the memory to about 250 mhz and the chipset to about 175. im about to go overclock mine right now. ill let you know what i overclocked it to and how it worked.
yeah, that helped a little. i went from running 26 fps to about 42! i overclocked it to 160 mhz on the chip and 180 on memory. only one minor setback. it will screw your comp royally! maybe i should try a less drastic increase, haha. i'm pretty sure the site that was talking about how they overclocked it to 250 mhz memory and 175 chipset was running a liquid nitrogen cooling system, highly unllikely considering they dont exist to my knowledge, or they are full of S***. my fps still hit its low of around 5 like before. the only thing it helped was the highs i was hitting. not worth the risk. tnt2 is officially "The Little GFX Card that Couldn't" - peace
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