Risks in Switching PSUs?


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I've heard that switching the PSU of a computer can occasionally bring up major problems like frying the system and such. Are there really that many risks in doing a PSU switch or is it not that big of a deal as long as I plug things in correctly?

Edit: Also is it as difficult as some make it out to be?


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As long as the PSU has enough Watts to run the system and it plugs into the motherboard, there should be no problem at all. I've never seen anyone fry a system by swapping a power supply unless the power supply was bad. It's easy for me because I know what I'm doing. If you've never taken a computer apart or built one you may find yourself scratching your head. When you get the new power supply, take the old one out and note what plugs into where and plug those plugs into the computer with the new PSU. Plug it into the wall and power it on. And watch the sparks fly...I mean...see the computer turn on. :p


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When I did my first couple of power supply swaps I plugged in the new one as I unplugged the old one. That way I was sure I got all the plugs needed and got them in the right place.

Don't tear the old one out and then try to figure out where the new one goes (although generally speaking, most of the cables only go to one place and it's hard -impossible?- to mix them up).

I've also don't know why a computer would fry from a new power supply - unless something wasn't done correctly or the power supply was bad.