ringtone test message to cell phone?

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i have some LEGAL ringtones that im trying to text to my phone, from my computer. my phone knows that its there, but it wont download the sound. it plays the sound, but i dont hear anything. so wtf?


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go there, i use it alot. its free and all you do is sign up, find your phone model, pick a song or wallpaper and it will send it to your phone in a email, text, or picture message, whichever one. the only problem is that the free version takes about 45 min. if you donate 1$ you can get it in < 1 min

hope that helps
well two things

contact sprint, verizon, cingular, or tmobile or w/e you have and ask if that is compatible.

amd the other thing is that like maybe u dont have ur volume up on ur cell?

well u probaly do but it would kill if you didnt

and like i kinda dont understand the question

and maybe ur phone as well as the service isnt compaditble or something