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Ã…nubis said:
3 Points Chopper my good man!

Football Association Cup. (The FA run the leagues here, badly :D )

Basically all the teams in England (some non-league etc) all play various teams in kind of a knock out tournament.

Today is the third round when the big guns from the Premiership enter the tournament. The third round is notourious for a few upsets (like lower league teams knocking out big clubs).

My team (Aston Villa) are playing Blackburn Rovers today (both premiership clubs, just my luck!) and i'm not very hopeful.

Manchester United vs Portsmouth is on now.

Come On Portsmouth!!! - Man i hate Man United :eek:

I could waffle on all day about it, but i won't :D

What do ya know? I learn something new every day.

Over here we don't have much to do with soccer or football, what ever you call it over there :)
The only football I know anything about is AFL http://afl.com.au/
Its also an egg shade ball but they kick it not throw it.
You probery know of it apparently its getting big over there.

Anubis, do you remember these years? 1934, 1938, 1982 :rolleyes:
Oh yeah! all 3 years Italy won the Cup!

Has England ever made it pas the Quarterfinals? :p
(Don't mention '66, that was a fluke and you know it)
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