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I downloaded a "program" that added several items to my right click menu. Some of the added items were italic, bold, underline, gradient, size, etc. It still had the copy, paste, etc.

When replying at a vBulletin forum (and some others), I could highlight text, right click, and click bolding (or whatever). It would automatically put in the tags needed for whatever I chose.

I don't remember where I downloaded this, and since I formatted my harddrive and installed Windows XP Pro, I don't have it anymore.

Does anyone know where I can get this "program". Some called it a hack, but I don't think it's a hack since it resides on my computer and not on this forum.


Dave :D
Its called a hack because its a registry hack, It adds registry entries to your computer to add options to your right click menu. Ill see if I can find something.
I found a bunch of different hacks to add programs to the right click menu.

The specific one that I'm looking for adds Bold, Italic, Underline, etc., etc., to the menu and adds the code for vB forums when I highlighted text in a reply.

Anyone found it?

Dave :D
Well did you find it !

Hi Dave,

Did you ever find out what the hack was as I need to do something simular !



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I found the file. I tried attaching the .zip file to this post, but it's too large. It is 68kb. Any suggestions on how I can post it for others to get?

Dave :D

P.S. It allows you all kinds of menu items for posting of forums. Especially the kind for special stuff, like bold, italic, underline, and my all-time-least favorite rainbow. Cool, huh?

I like it!
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