Review the person above you! :D

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Review the person above you! ^^^

Ok. I saw this one first at Brighthand (

(don't bother reading all 35 pages, the idea sort of starts at Underbelly's post)

Basically, just post a comment of the person who posted right before you. For example, the person below me might post " ^ Starts rather odd threads", and the person after the second one will post a "^" comment about the second person. This is the type of off topic thread that gets closed after a while, but it can be fun while it lasts. Let's see how this works here :D .
qiranworms is a very hopeful young lady that likes walks on the beach in sunset. Sometimes she enjoys a stroll down to the market place to buy some candy for little children, other times shes writing best selling childrens books, such as "Fun with sharp objects" and, "50 uses for a power outlet".

is this what you wanted?

Not only did not check link and didn't fully read my prior post, but he called me a "lady" :angry:

is becoming an idiot...:angry: I remember seeing you having participated at the "What are you, male or female" forum...:rolleyes: ...

(absolutely no offense meant...)
seems to be an ok kinda poster here.... person about you is a post paddin' pussy that watches chick flicks and prolly drives a ricer...
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